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Benefits of a Walking Meeting

Benefits of a Walking Meeting

Posted on August 23, 2022 by kozmun

The benefits of a walking meeting can be like jogging your mind!

You might be used to meetings in conference rooms or over zoom, but the days of being restricted to four walls are over. Luckily, walking meetings can benefit everyone involved, even if you need to sit this one out in your office!

Benefits for Everyone

Aside from just being good for your body, here are some notable benefits of a walking meeting:

–        Increase engagement and creative thinking

–        Boost energy and motivation

–        Encourage an organic, natural exchange of thoughts

–        Improve collaboration and connection

Start Now

The great thing about walking meetings is that you can start implementing them as soon as you want! Even if your team works over zoom, you can encourage workers to take a walk and participate in the meeting via zoom or Microsoft teams call. 

Questions for leaders

1.     Do you currently conduct traditional meetings in a conference room or over zoom?

2.     Would walking meetings be beneficial in your business? Why or why not? 

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