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How to Increase Employee Engagement With Leadership Vulnerability

How to Increase Employee Engagement With Leadership Vulnerability

Posted on September 15, 2022 by kozmun

Disconnecting is risk for disengaging

The more disconnected your employees feel, the greater risk they run of becoming disengaged. It’s not uncommon for people to keep their struggles to themselves, even at work, for fear of being judged, viewed as incompetent, and for other personal reasons. This can become quite isolating, so it’s important to set a precedent in your workplace that mental health is a top priority. 

Set an example

Being a good leader is all about setting an example. If you show your employees that it’s okay not to feel 100% great all the time, there’s a good chance it’ll take off some pressure and help them feel more engaged in their work. Instead of being distracted by what they can’t control, they’ll feel more empowered to take control of what is within their grasp.

Be vulnerable and professional

If you can learn to be vulnerable while keeping it professional, you stand to develop more meaningful relationships at work and give your employees more space to feel comfortable.

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