Improving Change

Improving the Way You Change Your Business

Change Leadership and Change Management

Have you been selected to lead a change in your organization? It’s normal to face a few challenges when you try to change the work people do and what people think makes them successful.

If you’re wondering where to start the change process …

If you’ve made it to the middle of the change process but are getting burnt out

If, after all your planning, you thought all you had to do now was implement … and you’ve met a wall of resistance

We have tools and processes to guide your path forward.

What is change management?

Change management is a planned sequence of activities designed to engage people in a workplace change. The result of change management is that people have the necessary new skills, abilities, mindset and behaviours to sustainably work in the new environment.

For example, the new work environment may require people to have new skills to use updated software or technology or to have new knowledge and skills to follow a new business process.

A Change Management Consultant, or Lead, develops and implements a plan to shift people from working in the current work environment to being successful in the new work environment.

This change management plan is closely aligned to, or integrated with, the design, management and implementation of the overall change project.

As your Change Management Consultants
we work to ensure that:

  • Key communicators share timely messages regarding key events and when they will occur
  • 2-way communication opportunities surface any adjustments necessary for the business improvement
  • Change impacts and organizational readiness are assessed initially and continually and risks are mitigated
  • People acquire the knowledge and skills needed to succeed. This is often achieved through training and educational coaching.

What is change leadership?

Change leadership is the focus, processes and energy that recognizes the need for change, creates the vision for the future, aligns the organization to agree to move in the new direction and oversees the project and change management that brings the organization to the envisioned future.

Change leadership is a role taken on by a leader at any level of the organization to initiate an improvement. The change sponsor has key leadership actions and attitude that drive and sustain any organizational change.

In organization-wide changes, or complex changes, the change leadership is formalized into a steering committee, that includes key influencers from all levels of the organization. This committee develops the:

  • Vision for the future
  • Business case for the change
  • Overall change plan
  • Key measures of success
  • Timeline
  • Capacity and capability requirements to lead and implement the change

As your Change Consultants
we enable your steering committee by:

  • Offering a customizable framework for guiding the overall change process
  • Facilitating planning and decision-making conversations
  • Coaching the team to be more effective
  • Coaching leaders to develop a higher level of awareness, deeper insights, a clearer vision, and the mindset to succeed
  • Leading initial change impact, organizational readiness & risk assessment processes
  • Advising on change management process requirements

Does change management or change leadership
fit for your business improvement?

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