Transitioning Leaders

Transitioning Leaders

Do you want to a leader who moves confidently into a new leadership role, builds strong relationships and enables your team to achieve remarkable results?

We have the processes and tools to help you get there … and get there faster than if you walked the path alone.

The struggles are real. The solutions can be real too!

New Leaders
Shift from joining a team
to Leading a Team
Advancing from the Middle
Executive Success

New Leaders

New leaders are asked to take a leap of faith, to step away from making a hands-on contribution to using their skills to support and develop other people to do the hands-on work. Sometimes it’s hard to let go.

We can help you focus on success:

  • build the skills to influence and delegate
  • see and navigate the systems, tensions and relationships
  • enhance your own communication and self-leadership abilities

SME to WE – Becoming a Team Leader

Shifting from expert advisor to team leader may mean shifting beliefs, building skills, and setting new priorities.

Subject Matters Experts have an important role to contribute accurate expertise on a subject. Team leaders need to integrate, coordinate and sequence many expert perspectives, stakeholder expectations, team capabilities and capacities and organizational constraints to create valuable outcomes.

We can help you be that team leader who transitions into a collaborative partnership role to bring out the best in your team members to achieve your team’s goals.

Advancing from the Middle

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Executive Success

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As your leader struggles in a new role, your business becomes exposed to risks. There is the potential to miss deadlines, damage key stakeholder relationships and create confusion.

Leader Transition is Risky Business

Leader Transition is Risky Business Lunch and Learn

This workshop identifies potential risks businesses may face with leader transition and will need to manage.

Participants will identify:

  • The magnitude of the risks for their business
  • The level of urgency to address these risks and
  • The barriers may get in their way of managing the risks
  • Actions they can take immediately

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